Schism audio is here! Prologue and Chapter 1

Prologue and Chapter 1

Jared Smith tests his newest recruits by burning a man alive in front of them.  William Adams, who has spent the last two years in a mental hospital begins to hear the voices again, and they want him to escape…




Welcome to the new site…Guess what’s coming…

Hello and welcome to my newly updated site.  I’ll be posting occasionally on writing topics and giving updates on the new novels and projects I’m working on, but the main purpose of the site is a place where you can come to get free stuff!

Specifically, I’ll be giving away two novels this year.  The first will be Schism, an Urban Thriller with a paranormal twinge about a man who hears voices and the police officer tasked with tracking him down.  The two men become friends as they try to save the city that is burning around them, but what the bad guys don’t know is that the voices are real.

I’ll be releasing Schism as a weekly podcast with accompanying pdf files that match the chapters in the audio, so you can listen, read or both every week.

After Schism is done, I’ll be releasing Voodootown, a Young Adult novel about the little cloth sidekicks that hide under our beds during the day and come out to right the wrongs we suffer at night.

So, please stay tuned and tell your friends.  A couple of great books are coming your way at a price you can’t beat!